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where sacred containment meets authentic relating

what is the experience ? 

A gathering and event curating platform offering intentional experiences that feed the soul and guide us to connect to ourselves and others. 

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what is experience curating?

Experience curating intentionally designs events and gatherings around connection and emotional experiences. 


While similar to event planning, experience curating focuses on the deep why at the root of bringing people together. Why is gathering people for this event important to you? What would you like guests to feel, and experience? In what ways do you want guest to experience connection? The gathering aesthetic, logistics and activities are all based around your deep why to curate an emotional and connected experience.  

when do I need an experience curated? 

Have an idea for an event brewing and need support navigating the art of connection or executing your vision? Want to organize an experience for friends or a client but not sure where to start? We are here to support you in making your experience & gathering daydreams a reality! check our our offerings page or contact us to set up a consulting. 


When I moved back to the US after 6 years abroad, I experienced reverse culture shock around the way we gather in the US. I missed the sense of community, connection and enchantment I experienced when gathering aboard. I wanted to reimage how we gather, focusing on connection. Not only the way we connect with ourselves and others, but also connection with the food, music, asthenic and nature at gatherings.  The foundation of everything cotton candy curates is purpose driven, connection drive, and emotional experience focused. 

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about me 

Hi! I'm Liané, your experience guide. I delicately curate each experience and gathering with deep intention to create truly conscious spaces for exploration, fun, connection and enchantment. 


My inspiration… a lifetime of potent and nuanced experiences. Some I wish I had had the opportunity to share with others, some so filled with connection and enchantment they’re still palpable, and others I deeply desired but could only daydream about. These experiences have shaped who I am and allowed me to come home to myself as I discovered what home was. Many were simple, some unexpected but all had a unique impact on my life journey. 



I deeply desire to bring communities together, and to create experiences like the ones I had the privilege to be a part of and like ones I daydreamed about, accessible to all, so that others may experience the enchantment, connection and exploration of life.

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This was such a special way to experience a culture. I feel so honored to have participated in such an intimate and welcoming event. Beautifully prepared family recipes punctuated by stories, educational bits and a little dance.

What better way to send an evening?!

– Molly 


It was wonderful attending the curated taste test.....One of the best parts was how she walked us through each candy blind folded and gave us prompts that really helped us explore our pallet and form a more well rounded understanding of the flavor profiles we were experiencing. 

Definitely a fun event and I look forward to attending more!!

– Vincenzo