Pink Clouds

it takes a village

community support, co-hosting & collaborating 

the experience is grounded in southern California and is designed to build and grow community; collaborations and community support are fundamental to our mission. 


To ensure our Cultural Immersion Experiences feel authentic, home-like and incorporate community, we host them at private homes in San Diego County. If you have a home with a great outdoor gathering space, outdoor or indoor-outdoor food prep area and outdoor bathroom please reach out! We’d love to connect and host our next cultural immersion experience in your space.



Our ancestral cooking experiences take you on a journey through family cooking. To maintain the energy of generational, familial, and communal cooking we host these cooking classes in private kitchens around San Diego County. If you love international cuisine, communal gatherings, supporting small businesses and have kitchen or outdoor space with great countertops that can accommodate 8-12 people please reach out. We’re always looking for new spaces to build communal connections and host our cooking experiences. 


co-hosting (cultural immersions)

Do you identify as first generation American, third cultured, an expat or migrant and have a passion for sharing your culture? We'd love to co-host a cultural immersion experience with you.  We’ll go on a 9-week planning journey together. Exploring all the things you love, miss, and want to share about your culture. We’ll talk about your family stories, recipes, traditions, and memories to curate a gathering where guests experience your cultural through your unique lived experiences and perspectives. Each cultural immersion experience includes an authentic meal, storytelling and traditional practices shared by you, our co-host and cultural guide. take a peek at what our co-host are saying about their immersion experience. 


If you’re seeking a container for a communal experience or are a vendor in the community who feels aligned with our mission, we’d love to explore partnering on an event, or using your product and services at our next experience. reach out & connect.