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private curating & community experiences

private curating

experience curating 

we curate your private gathering from start to finish. Starting with laying the foundation of your event with an intention driven session(s) to get clear on why you want to gather. We will explore how you want your guests to connect, what emotions you want them to feel and what you want them to experience. From here we will curate and execute the entire experience, including aesthetic, activities, and logistics infused with intention!  contact us to schedule a curating session. take a look at the experiences curated for private clients in 2021. 

extra support 

we offer consulting when you need a little bit of guidance and inspiration but already have the purpose identified and the logistics and execution covered.  Consulting support includes refining ideas when event elements are mismatched or don’t fully align with your event purpose, introducing more flow into gathering when your ideas or timeline aren’t matching up, providing organization support in planning when the logistics feel like a bit much, revamping existing workshops and events to better meet your needs, or designing specific activities or spaces for connection, interaction, and enchantment. contact us for an "extra support" session. 

community experiences

cultural immersion experience

cultural immersion experiences connect you with authentic meals, traditional practices and vibrant storytelling from cultures around the world, co-hosted by community members, in your backyard. Each cultural immersion takes 9 weeks to plan, including intentional design, mini tasting experience and execution.  learn more about the cultural immersion series &  take a look at the cultural immersions experiences from 2021. 


“When talent and passion meet cultural influence, it creates the best recipe that will leave you with a mouth full of flavor and a happy belly. This has been a delicious experience, where I got to dive into the Peruvian customs and flavors with a little cultural background, folklore and lots of yumminess.


You are certainly in for a treat!”


- Esra 


"The first cultural immersion experience was nothing short of amazing! I felt honored to learn about the traditions of the Ethiopian culture, taste their delicious food, drink their rich coffee, and dance to their beautiful music. The setting was intimate and the hosts were very welcoming. I cannot wait for the next experience.

This type of event is a breath of fresh air!" 

– Synovia